Emilia “Mimi” Ramirez, Psy.D.

I describe Kelli as one of the healthiest people I’ve ever met. She has learned to walk with grace and has mastered the balance between emotional, spiritual, and physical health. She is present, truthful, and self-aware and these attributes make her a powerful and very skilled agent of change and healing.

Sharing Stories

I love to read and write. Writing in particular is therapeutic and cathartic for me.

How Humans Learn

Humans learn through story. This is where I share my story. My inner thoughts and experiences in the hopes that someone out there may find some comfort, guidance, wisdom, and hope.

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I'm an assessment junkie. If it assesses personality, I've probably taken it.

Customized with Personality Integration

Information can only take you so far. At some point there has to be customized, personality integration. A great way to integrate information into your being is through assessments.

Kelli Macatee’s Background

With 15 years experience in the business sector, a lifetime of service and non-profit work, and masters in clinical psychology, Kelli Macatee has a unique combination of knowledge, skill, resources, and experience to enter into people’s lives and walk alongside them as they wrestle with love, life, and work.

Business Experience 80%
Service & Non-profits 85%
Clinical Work 70%
Research 80%
Assessments and Reporting 70%

Latest From The Blog

Men & Women Actually Are from the Same Planet: Understanding God

By |November 9th, 2016|Categories: Bible Basics, Christian Perspective, Male/Female Dyanmicas, Useful for Everyday|

My nature in the flesh and the need for expediency and perfection is a great source stress, worry, irritability, and anxiety that eats me alive and robs me of peace—my mind spins—and it does so quickly. This pattern does not only effect me, but it effects those around me, especially my family and for certain, my marriage. It blinds me.

Kelli Macatee joins Allie Beth Allman & Associates!

By |October 27th, 2016|Categories: Christian Perspective, Miscellaneous, My Story|

Real estate is in my blood. My Papa was a developer in Odessa in one of the booms, a practice my mother continues today. So, I begin another chapter...I actually don’t view myself as doing anything different than I did with my consulting at Macatee Wellness--it’s just my door into helping people will be through an actual door.

Why Do Women Want Men (Even when we don’t) & Vice Versa?

By |October 13th, 2016|Categories: Miscellaneous|

What is at the heart of the love-hate magnetism between men and women? These are the things we’ll tackle in the series Men and Women Actually Are From the Same Planet.

Summer of Healing

By |August 3rd, 2016|Categories: Christian Perspective, Health & Wellness, Miscellaneous, Useful for Everyday|

Those closest to me know I’ve deemed Summer 2016 as “The Summer of Healing.” Because of the stresses of life there was only so much emotional healing I could deal with at any given time. I was in survival mode and could only handle a small drip of emotional revelation and healing at a time. Like a cactus that would die from a flood, God was gracious to only allow sprinkles of revelation, for the flood would surely have been my demise.