Get Your House in Order: The Time is Near

As you know, I officially followed in my mother’s footsteps, so I haven’t had a ton of time to write for Macatee Wellness, but something has been churning inside me. An update on my work in real estate and what I see and experience out there “on the ground” is to come, but first, I have a different “house” to talk about: our spiritual house.

Often, there are certain phrases that will come deep into my soul over a period of time. They will just kind of repeat inside me. If they are from the Lord, they will remain consistently strong and even increase. I will also see and hear them over a variety of contexts. Here is what I continue to “hear:”

Get your “house” in order. Repent and turn to Him. Find the Lord while you can for there will come a time where He can no longer be found. The time is now and the time is near.

These words are in the Bible. So these things have been said for centuries–is it really possible the “time is near?” Every generation has spoken these words. And the answer is “yes.”

For every generation, the time is near. For every generation there is a time to find Him and a time when He can no longer be found. For every generation, there is a window of time to get your house in order and a time when that is no longer possible.

Do I think Jesus is returning in the clouds soon as outlined in Acts? Yeah, maybe. But maybe not. And truthfully, it doesn’t really matter. His Kingdom is here and now.  We are called to live watchful, prayerful lives fully committed to Him and His cause with a sober mind. But the distractions are great, especially in America. Here’s a big question: if He did happen to come back tomorrow and catch us in the middle of our day or night, would we be proud or a little embarrassed? A dear friend told me her mother used to say, “You don’t want Jesus to come back and you’re sittin in a strip club!” Not that she went to strip clubs or anything…

My Own Facing of the Facts

It wasn’t long ago that I realized how much a “cultural Christian” I was — living my life on my terms, in my way with a little bit of Jesus sprinkled in there — as opposed to living my life as a follower of the God Most High. I was more interested in my own comfort, my own agenda, my own needs and passions. And I was miserable. I was irritable, stressed, worn out, full of worry and fear–basically lost.

But how could this be so? I’ve been in Sunday School my whole life! I go to church, I pray, and on the outside, people might even say I was a solid Christian. But I know the “real” me. The Kelli-in-the-flesh. And it is ugly. I was caught in sin patterns so subtle that even I didn’t know I was caught in them. I was physically ill and weighed down with false beliefs of who God was and who I was and I was living my life by those false beliefs. There were subtleties in my thinking and ways of living that were dominating my life and my walk with the Lord.

Do you carry false beliefs about the Lord? Pray He releases you from any false beliefs or errant thinking about Him and yourself. Pray that He replaces it with the REAL truth. HIS truth.

Are you caught in sin patterns? If you are a human, then you are. Pray the Lord brings freedom. That He releases you from sin patterns and gives you the strength and the courage to give them up. But most of all, pray He gives you the desire to give them up. My heart didn’t truly begin to change until I started addressing desire with the Lord. My desire was for myself not for Him. I started by saying, “Lord, I don’t want to give this up. But I want to want to give it up. Help me to get there.”

Are you easily distracted by things that don’t really matter? Boy I was. And it’s a battle I fight every single day. But there’s good news! The more regularly I turn myself to the Lord (sometimes many times a day), the easier this battle becomes.

Are you immersing yourself in God Himself through His Word? It’s simply a matter of priority. I get MORE done and I have MORE energy when I block out reading time and exercise time. Period. If I don’t take care of my physical and spiritual health, then I can’t do anything else. EVERYTHING has to wait until those things are done on a daily basis. Making this a priority and a habit has literally changed my world. It took time and it took me putting it on my calendar. It took me getting up earlier than I like to. It took some life changes that I wasn’t always terribly excited about, but I knew it had to happen. How do I do it? On the exercise bike or on a walk, I listen to a Joyce Meyers or John Piper podcast. At night, I really don’t watch TV, I read. TV is pretty abysmal anyway and what we fill our senses with matters. I steal a few minutes in the car reading my Bible app instead of checking email or social media. When I’m reading the Bible, I follow the footnotes and corresponding verse notes–often, I find incredible treasure that excites me beyond belief. And once I week, I shut off my phone and sit at a table or desk and study the Word of God. Most of all, the second I felt that twinge of “I don’t want to, I’d rather____,” I immediately pulled out my Bible–even if it was for 60 seconds reading a Psalm. Because I knew that was the enemy trying to distract me by my fleeting feelings of any given moment. 

Allow nothing to keep you from the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He allowed nothing to keep Himself from you. Even Heaven itself.

On the Hebrew calendar, we are approaching Rosh Hoshana and Yom Kippur. More on those to come, but in between Rosh Hoshana and Yom Kippur are the Days of Awe. They are all about getting your spiritual house in order because you are in awe of God’s awesome power that will pour out on sin. So there is a buzz throughout the culture about dealing with what needs to be dealt with. Are you feeling a tug on your heart to deal with some stuff? Then don’t delay and get after it! It’s the best thing you’ll ever do.

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