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Improve the Bottomline and Reduce Stress

Macatee Wellness seeks to improve the bottom line through strategic and thoughtful approaches to move from simply functioning to thriving using proven research and customized approaches. Customization occurs based on personality, goals, vision, organizational structure, and so on.

Great For:

  • Nonprofits and Ministries
  • Growth Periods
  • Teams (Sales, HR, Leadership)
  • Start Ups & Small Businesses

Short List of Macatee Wellness Offerings:

  • Copy writing: Web, Newsletters, Blogs, Brochures
    Writing for some can be a bear, yet is a necessary evil. We have found taking this over for our clients provides a much needed gasp of relief. We listen to you and your needs and craft just the right content for your target audience.
  • Systems and Strategy Creation in Line with Goals and Objectives
    Refining, creating, implementing proper processes to reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Web Design and Content Creation
    Our partnership with Power 10 Solutions, a web and application development company, allows us to improve upon existing websites or start from scratch. Monthly retainers are available for regular content management.
  • Education and Resource Tools for Growth
    At our core, we are educators and love to share and adapt our favorite materials to be useful in your industry and environment.
  • Crafting, Refining, Implementing Vision
    Includes learning your organization’s story, combining it with industry specific research trends, and equipping you to tell your story effectively through proper channels: social media, website, print media.


  • 15 years Business experience in sales, marketing, business development, & project management
  • 20 years experience in various non-profit environments
  • Masters in Clinical Psychology with extensive research exprience
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When we are operating within our giftedness, our life flourishes: physically, emotionally, financially, and relationally.

The ultimate goal is to work myself out of a job by providing front loaded education, systems integration and development, and a phased approach for long term growth and expansion.

Maintenance appointments and phone calls may be necessary but the idea is to equip people and organizations to find their own way based on gifts, abilities, and objectives. Ministries, nonprofits, and small businesses tend to be a great fit, although larger organizations may have teams or leadership that could benefit from Macatee Wellness services and offerings.

At Macatee Wellness, we strive to properly manage stress and increase relational connectivity in healthy and productive ways based on individual personality evaluation combined with corporate values and goals. Recent studies show that stress costs business billions of dollars yearly. That is an astounding number. As modern technology continues to inform us about the complexities of our bodies, specifically our brain, we have begun to really understand how detrimental stress is on our bodies and our brain. This effects the bottom line through sick days, low productivity, heavy insurance usage, and so on.

What do Consultations look like:

Organizational Consultations come in many varieties and are customized based on the organizational culture, the people, and the target audience. Often, an organization has preferred materials and an approach to personal and process improvement (i.e. Dale Carnegie, Franklin Covey, etc.). In this case, we harness and utilize what is already in place and build from there. We supplement and bring in new resources where it make sense.

With so much information and so many organizations out there, we seek to tell your story effectively and succinctly to target your specific audience. What might work for one organization, doesn’t work for the next, so we help customize approaches, processes, strategy, and implementation for the individuals in your organization that are in line with the over all objective. Often, subtle adjustments based on personality can make a huge difference in execution and productivity.

Rates & Confidentiality (if applicable) are discussed during initial session and approved through a proposal process.

Custom Consultations Include, but not limited to:

  • Initial consult with organizational leaders to assess goals, needs, vision, etc. to map out a path
  • In-depth evaluation and plan approved by organizational leaders
  • Instructions for targeting presenting issues affecting the health & productivity of the organization/team.  Common examples are:
    • web content and management
    • tool assessment (does everyone have what they need to effectively do their job?)
      • make adjustments based on personality dynamics
    • outline the phased approach
  • Maintenance check-ins throughout week/month

On site Wellness Consultations and Psycho-Social Education & Trainings are available and encouraged in order to have everyone within the organization in the know and on board.

Fully customizable programs for your organization. Common topics include:

  • Stress Management & proper intervention for your environment
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Workplace systems and dynamics
  • Language as a sales tool
  • Interacting with different personalities
  • Physiology and it’s role
  • Coping skills
  • Team building
  • Relationships & love (useful across environments of work, home, & play)
    • Studies show that balanced, well-adjusted people work smarter and are more engaged–they literally have more brain power!

Please contact us for package rates and availability

All packages are fully customizable based on the client, schedules, and needs. This will be determined during the first few consultations.


Rates start at $3,000.00

  • Includes first few initial planning and preparatory meetings
  • 1 full day (or 2 half-days) of group training and breakout sessions, 8 hours
  • Report with findings, observations, suggested plans of action

Rates are based on time on-site, requested reporting, and desired one on one time with company employees

*Need a speaker for your event? Ask about my speaking rates!